Marie Osmond’s Son, Michael Blosil, Commits Suicide by Jumping from an L.A. Rooftop

marieAmong recent reports of the Brittney Murphy cause of death update and the suicide of former Growing Pains cast member Andrew “Boner” Koenig’s suicide, is some more gruesome news of the demise of another young member of the Entertainment community. Michael Blosil, the son of Marie Osmand, has committed suicide by leaping from the roof of an apartment building in Downtown Los Angeles.

The initial reports are that Blosil was clean and sober at the time of his death, but toxicology reports have not been released yet. He left a suicide note stating that his intent was to end his lifelong battle with depression. The case is now in the hands of what appears to be a very busy L.A. coroner’s office.

Donnie and Marie obviously canceled their Saturday evening performance at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. The only statement released so far was fro Donnie Osmond stating, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

Michael Blosil was one of Marie Osmond’s eight children. He was 18 years old.