NFL is Considering a Change in Playoff Overtime Rules

saints-kickThe NFL is considering a change in it’s current playoff overtime format. Had the new rule been in effect this past season, it could have possibly changed the outcome of the NFC Championship Game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints.

Under the current format, overtime is sudden death… the first team to score wins the game. The possible rule change would give the opposing team one more possession if the first team to score only scores a field goal. If a touchdown is the first score in overtime, the other team will not get the ball back and the game is over.

In the 2009/2010 NFC Championship Game, had the rules been in effect, after the Saints kicked that successful field goal on their first possession, the Vikings would have been given the ball back one more time with an opportunity to tie the game with a field goal, or win it with a touchdown. Had they scored a field goal, the game would continue on until there was another touchdown, or an unmatched field goal.

There will be a meeting to discuss the proposed change next month. Other rule changes being discussed at the meeting will be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for looking at opposing players funny and putting actual skirts on quarterbacks.