Lady Gaga Continues To Churn Out Garbage With Her ‘Telephone’ Video

lady-gagaLady Gaga’s new video with Beyonce is more than laughable. Like all of her music once again the song has that hyper 120 beats per minute techno drive. The video shows Gaga in various stages of undress and in lesbian erotic embraces. At one point Lady Garbage is wearing only crime scene tape. The only crime is people actually buy this crap.

This is 9 minutes of self important musical masturbation. Any teen with a copy of Fruity Loops, SONY Acid or any other entry level music software could have created this swill. I have actually heard kids produce better cuts with the for mentioned products. I have no problem with dance music and I am a huge fan of electronic music. Moby, The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack are all huge talents in this genre. Lady Garbage doesn’t even come close.

One rumor about Lady Garbage that this video wants to make clear is that she doesn’t have a dick. One of the women in the video makes this statement as she looks at Lady Garbage’s pixilated crotch.

Enough already this is getting boring.  It is time she puts away the titillation and delivers some music. Madonna did it, Christina Aguilera brought it to a whole new level. Until Lady Garbage is ready to wash her face, pack away her tits and actually rely on her talents; I will continue to consider her as the joke she is.