Poll: Which Twilight: Eclipse Trailer Do You Prefer, The Official Trailer or THIS “Fan” Version?

eclipse-mainIn a highly anticipated event, the official trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was released for the fans of the series’ viewing pleasure. Once again, fanatics of the series were thrilled by new footage featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning and various other vampires, werewolves… and vampire and werewolf lovers.

Not too many fans were disappointed in the trailer and it did exactly what is was supposed to do, create excitement leading up to the theatrical release of the film. We’re in the minority, but after viewing the trailer, we still didn’t think it captured the true spirit of Eclipse. Not ones to sit around and complain, we took action and created our very own The Twilight Saga: Eclipse official fan teaser/trailer.


The official Eclipse trailer is below. Watch that one first, then keep scrolling down and watch our trailer immediately after that. We think our version is a truer embodiment of Twilight Eclipse, as well as the entire Twilight Saga altogether:


Ok, now watch ours. Here is a very minor spoiler… our trailer features more shirtless characters of the canine variety (wink, wink):


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Well? What did you think? Please voice your opinion in our official poll. If you like what what you see, we’ll keep doing it for all of our “favorite” theatrical release movies.

Just let us know which movie you’d like to see a “fanmade” trailer of.