Mass Effect “Stolen Memory” Will Be Hitting the Cerberus Network on April 6

Mass Effect Stolen MemoryThose of you awaiting new downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, some great news: “Stolen Memory” will be hitting the Cerberus Network on April 6 for PC and Xbox 360.

Offering 90 minutes worth of gameplay, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory mission marks the first of these paid additions. Proficient in the art of thievery, Kasumi secures the 12th and final spot on the Normany, bringing Commander Shepard’s intergalactic search of elite combat specialists to a close.

Without delving too far into spoiler territory, this mission will incorporate elements of stealth as Shepard and his band of cohorts embark on an undercover stint at the estate of crime lord Donovan Hock.

Unlike other offerings, “Stolen Memory” will have a price attached. The amount has not been decided on, according to BioWare.


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