2010 NFL Draft: Enter the TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Contest!

tebow-angelVery rarely does an athlete come along that achieves complete balance amongst the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of his sport… and life. Could the next coming of such a player be Tim Tebow? Many believers certainly think so. To celebrate such a coming, we present to you, The TMR Zoo Tim Tebow contest.

The Tim Tebow contest is unlike any other contest you’ve entered before. Entrants are given the opportunity to predict the exact moment the professional football career of Tim Tebow begins by guessing which NFL team selects him, and specifically in which round. Once you have made your choices, you could call it a day and wait until the NFL Draft… OR, you can come back tomorrow, and every day up until the start of the draft, and submit your entry again.

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That is correct, you can enter every day until the start of the draft at 7:30pm EST on Thursday April 22. How you wish to enter the contest is your choice. If you think you know exactly where St. Tebow will be picked, you can stack the deck and pick the same team and round every day during the entry period, or you can can try every combination of teams and rounds you can fit in up until the end date. Once our man is selected by a team, we will pull all of the correct entries out of the pool and select an entry at random as the winner. The strategy is yours to decide.

What do you win when you emerge victorious in the Tim Tebow contest? Everything shown below:


Madden NFL Football 10 for the Playstation 3, Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headphones for the PS3, Major League: “The Wild Thing Edition” on Bluray and Nickelback Live at Sturgis on DVD. Click Here for the complete Tim Tebow Contest Prize Description.

We’ll be giving you regular updates on what the experts on reporting on Sir Tebow, so before you make your daily entry, check the Sports Page at the TMR Zoo for the latest and greatest Tim Tebow news to assist you in your selections.

You didn’t enter yet? What the hell are you waiting for?