Spike TV’s Man to Man St. Patrick’s Day Edition

74364945_pwVM2pVsSt. Patrick’s Day- it’s that magical time when we celebrate the rich and varied tradition of Irish Heritage by waging a holy war on our livers. It’s also a day when any one can be Irish, even if they aren’t. But if you hope to pass for an Irishman on St. Patrick’s day you’re going to need a few pointers.

That’s why we’re bringing you a special Man to Man Video edition. In it we’ll learn from spike friends and fans how to dress, drink, and talk like an Irishman, and even get walked through the proper way to handle a bar fight by the Irish Hand Grenade himself- UFC fighter Marcus Davis. Take a look, let us know what you think, and tell us what you’d like us to cover for the next Man to Man video edition.


The Irish Car Bomb. Invented in Connecticut, the Irish Car Bomb takes all the violence and strife of the Struggle for independence in Northern Ireland and distills it into a fun way to get drunk. Now, just because the name is undeniably tasteless, doesn’t mean the drink isn’t unquestionably tasty.

The classic car bomb involves taking ONE SHOT made up of equal parts WHISKEY and IRISH CRÈME LIQUOR (like Bailey’s) and dropping it into a HALF FILLED PINT OF GUINNESS. Your goal is then to drink the entire thing before it bubbles out over the side. After you drink one or two you’ll stop worrying about the ethical questions surrounding the name, because you’ll be too drunk to remember what you were worried about in the first place. For more invaluable St. Patty’s Day info make sure to check out the Man to Man Video Edition up at facebook.com/spike .

Spike TV’s Man To Man: St. Patrick’s Day Edition from Michael on Vimeo.