Miami Dolphin’s QB Chad Henne says Tim Tebow “isn’t an NFL quarterback”

Chad Henne Miami Dolphins NFLTim Tebow absolutlly blew people away at the Pro Day outing on Wednesday. A NFL personnel director congratulated Tim Tebow on how much progress he’s made in the six-plus weeks since the Senior Bowl. Tebow’s response: “Just wait until you see the next six weeks.”

Sounds like the ex Gator’s star is confident and ready for the big show. One NFL QB doesn’t think that translates to success in te big leagues.

Miami Dolphins backup Quarterback Chad Henne was quoted saying “My judgment is that he’s not an NFL quarterback,” Henne told Curtis Stevenson and Anita Marks of WQAM in Miami regarding Tebow. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Henne got the start in Miami after starter Chad Pennington once again went down with an injury. With the keys to the Miami kingdom Henne showed he had great arm strength but seemed to have problems throwing into tight coverage; Henne’s interceptions cursed the Dolphins in the late season. Henne’s luke warm season was ended with an eye injury as The Dolphins tried to cling to playoff hopes.

Maybe Henne is a bit nervous that Tim Tebow might fall to Miami in the 3rd round of this year’s NFL Draft. He would be a great replacement for 3rd string QB Pat White. Chad Pennington doesn’t have much left in the tank and after last season it seems that Chad Henne is not the answer. Miami could use another QB.

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