The 2010 NFL Draft Contest – The Tim Tebow Watch: Mock Drafts and Reports

tebow-mainBy now, you should have entered the TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Draft Contest several times already. If not, do it now. We promised you regular updates on what the sports world is saying about Mr. Tebow, to help you out in the contest. Here is the first edition.

The field is still pretty spread amongst sports reporters on where Tebow will go in the draft. Some have him as an early round pick and other still insist that he is a late-round “project” and probably not as a quarterback. There are outlets even insisting he is not NFL caliber and will not be drafted at all.

The following is a collection of mock drafts from the site, where members of the sports blogging world are predicting the start of Tim Tebow’s NFL career:


Danny Flynn: Buffalo Bills – Round 2
Evan Higgins: Indianapolis Colts – Round 2
Robert Rousselle: Jacksonville Jaguars – Round 1

Here are a few things other members of the sports media world are saying about Tim Tebow:

LZ Granderson There isn’t a single pro football analyst worth his weight in eye black who believes Tebow is a high-first-round draft choice, even with a modified throwing motion. And though the NFL has expanded the number of draft-day invitees from nine to 18 this year, the chances are still pretty high that 17 names will be heard before Roger Goodell says “Tim Tebow from the University of Florida.”
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Jason Reid – Washington Post: The Redskins hold the draft’s No. 37 pick, which could put them in prime position to select Tebow in the second round, if they choose. Working out for scouts and coaches Wednesday, Tebow unveiled a new throwing motion intended to erase concerns about his poor mechanics.
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Mark Miller – Yahoo!Sports: Look out, Tom Brady. The New England Patriots apparently want to take a closer look at former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow… There are also four other teams that have supposedly set up meetings with Tebow to see what he looks like right up close and personal. Those teams are believed to be the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills.
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Like I said, there is a very wide range of opinions out there still, and I’m sure it will continue right up to draft day. We’ll keep bringing you these updates to help you out on your entries in the Tim Tebow contest.

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