TMRzoo Bracketology: You Didn’t Pay Attention To Our 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Advice

bracketology-main2We gave you advice on how to survive March Madness, and you didn’t listen. It was the boobs, wasn’t it? Of the “Sweet 16” girls we posted for you, the schools in which they were supporting with their clothing (or lackthereof) finished the first two rounds of the tournament with a 15-6 record. That doesn’t include girls representing teams that didn’t even make it into the tournament, of course.

Based on all of the upsets that took place, that record has to be better than the winning percentage most of you had in the first two rounds. Hell, I had Kansas all the way. Do you want to try this again? We sure do.

Here’s the best we could find for the remaining teams. Yeah, yeah. I know, some of these teams play each other in the next round… but we’re talking boobies here, so the rules get thrown out the window.

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Which is your favorite for “going all the way”? Sound off in the comment section below.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will start up again in round 3, the Elite 8, on Thursday March 25th at 7:07pm EST as #5 in the West, Butler, takes on #1 Syracuse. To keep you busy in the meantime, enter the TMRzoo Tim Tebow Contest.