Sony Pooh-Poohs 3DS

marioIn predictable fashion, Sony is pooh-poohing Nintendo’s 3DS, saying there will be no interest among the “younger demographic” of the DS crowd, and 3D on the PlayStation 3 will be where it’s at.

SCEA’s director of hardware and marketing, John Koller, told IGN:

“Our focus on 3D right now is on the console. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity on PlayStation 3 with 3D. The amount of interest in 3D from the retail side and game publishers is off the charts. We know we have a hit with 3D on PS3 and we’re going to concentrate our efforts there… I think it remains to be seen where Nintendo goes with 3D on a portable. Having been in the portable space for quite awhile, I think it’s an interesting move but one I’d like to see where they go from a demographic standpoint. 8 and 9 year-olds playing 3D is a little bit of a stretch given where some of our research is right now.”

Of course, Koller is using the same Sony logic that people will spend money on the 3D TV and wear glasses for hours on end – assuming they’ve already purchased the PlayStation 3 as well – while the Nintendo 3DS will probably cost $180 and require no glasses and no special television. Koller also doesn’t seem know that the DS is purchased by the truckloads every month, beating the PSP usually by a 4:1 margin – and owned by adults, too.


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