2010 NFL Draft – Tim Tebow Contest Update and Mock Drafts

tebow-angelThere are only 19 more days until the 2010 NFL Draft and that means you can enter the TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Draft Position Contest 19 more times. Even if you haven’t entered yet, 19 times is plenty to put your hopes in one team and round and stack the odds in your favor. If you aren’t familiar with the contest, details are at the bottom of this page.

With each passing day leading up to the April 22nd NFL Draft, a handful of new mock drafts are released. We’ve been posting some interesting ones for you on a regular basis to help you out in the Tebow contest.

Here are a few more you may or may not want to consider…

D. Orlando Ledbetter – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Buffalo Bills – First Round (#9 overall)

Bleacher Report – Nicholas Kashian Jacksonville Jaguars – First Round (via trade down)

USA Today – 8 different mocks from reporters do not have Tebow selected in first round.

So far in the contest, the most popular guess has been the Jacksonville Jaguars, followed closely after by the Buffalo Bills. The Browns are Raiders are getting equal third-place love. The second round is where most entries are picking the start of the Tim Tebow Experience. There are a decent amount of first round votes, then there is a sharp drop-off. The mocks listed above appear to be consistent with the average entry.


Will any of this information help you out? We’ll only find out on Aprill 22nd… or 23rd. Start making your entries now so you can have a shot at winning the prize pack below.

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Some great items are up for grabs, including Madden NFL Football 10 for the Playstation 3, Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headphones for the PS3, Major League: “The Wild Thing Edition” on Bluray and Nickelback Live at Sturgis on DVD.


The Tim Tebow contest is unlike any other contest you’ve entered before. Entrants are given the opportunity to predict the exact moment the professional football career of Tim Tebow begins by guessing which NFL team selects him, and specifically in which round. Once you have made your choices, you could call it a day and wait until the NFL Draft… OR, you can come back tomorrow, and every day up until the start of the draft, and submit your entry again.

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Good Luck!