Michelle Ryan In New Nude X Rated Pictures With Another Man (PICS)

Michelle Ryan is back in the spotlight. Just when we thought it was over, footgate starts up again. The focus has been off of Micelle Ryan wife of the outspoken New York Jets coach Rex Ryan for just a week. Like we reported when this news broke these things seldom go away, they tend to get worse before they get better. This is the case in the Michelle and Rex Ryan swinger scandal.

It looks like the other shoe has dropped and there is a random black guy holding it. Pictures of Michelle Ryan wearing a purple sweater and jeans have emerged on the web today. The pictures have a guy in a Hendrix shirt performing foot worship on Michelle Ryan. The alt.com profile said to be the Ryans lists the couples preferred activities as fisting, nipple torture and the profile goes on to say “I love womens feet and want to watch my wife take a big one in all 3 holes”.


So while we don’t know what happened next in this series of pictures we can guess what happened, can’t we? I am sure that guy didn’t meet the Ryan’s to sing Christmas carols.

When I look at The New York Jets season which at this point looks like it was scripted by the screenwriters of the Porky’s series it real doesn’t shock me. The team is owned by Woody Johnson…you just can’t make this shit up.

So to recap …The New York Jets season started with a profanity laced HBO Hard Knocks that embarrasses the commissioner and the league. Segue to Ines Sainz (Ines Sainz Bikini Gallery) and her perfectly round ass being harassed by the Jets players and staff. This was eclipsed by Jenn Sterger’s cleavage (Pics + Gallery) and Brett Favre alleged penis scandal.

Just when you think this can’t get any weirder we find out the coach is a foot freak that allegedly likes to watch black guys penetrate his wife anally. Maybe even with fists!

I get the feeling there is more to come. Sadly the deeper The Jets make it into the playoffs the bigger news this becomes. Who knows what will get rolled out Superbowl Sunday if he Jets make the big show. So I am thinking in honor of the Hendrix shirt and the purple sweater maybe they should introduce The Jets to Purple Haze if the make it to Dallas. Michelle and Rex can show their private stash of pics and videos on Jerry Jones new big screen while it is playing. In the interim…Stay classy New York.