Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction Lip Slip at Miami Beach (PICS)

Hopefully a new trend has started amongst hot celebrity babes where they will opt to spend their holiday season in a warm-weather climate rather than the snow and/or cold of their hometowns. Last week we featured Megan Fox in a teeni-weeni bikini romp in Hawaii, and now we have a string bikini gallery of Maria Menounos ringing in the new year in Miami Beach, as Howard Stern discussed this morning on his first day back from a two-week vacation.

Maria knew full well that her pictures were being taken, she even tweeted about it, but what she didn’t know was that her most intimate of areas was fully exposed in some of the shots. The TMR Zoo has brought you many a “nip slip” in the past, and we are pleased to bring you our very first “lip slip”.

Check out any of Maria’s pics below by clicking on the thumbnail. The full-sized uncensored pic will open in a new window. enjoy:

As for Maria’s tweet, it read, “Beach football today w/@MichaelChiklis…paparazzi had some fun! Hope the bikini shots are flattering! Scared!” Do you still feel scared Maria? Flattering? Why not, you are being talked about now.

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