Howard Stern Producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate At CES and Rick’s Cabaret Las Vegas (PICS)

If you’ve been listening to the Howard Stern Show as Howard and the crew started the second week of their new 5-year contract with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, you’d know that longtime producer Gary “Babab Boeey” Dell’Abate and Wrap-Up Show co-host Jon Hein, attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas over the weekend. The segment went on to discuss how Howard wanted a new tablet, but there wasn’t an ideal one out there for him yet.

What they didn’t talk much about, was the Special Guest Host at the CES After-Party at Rick’s Cabaret Vegas. The event was held on Saturday Evening January 8th. Gary welcomed the packed house from the main stage… “There are so many hot girls here–hundreds of them. Rick’s Cabaret has the hottest girls. I know you don’t really need to hear from me, so let’s get some dances and have a great time.”

The photos from the event are below and courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret Las Vegas. You can see the full-sized images by clicking on any of the thumbnails below.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Jessica said, “Gary was friendly and we talked about some of the new products that he saw at the CES convention. It was funny. We were quite serious and all around us were tons of topless girls and smiling men.” Rick’s Cabaret Girl Melanie was very complimentary of Gary saying, “I liked Gary’s book and told him that he was a talented writer and should write another. He said he would consider it.” “I dance at the Rick’s here and I also dance a couple of weeks every now and then at the Rick’s Cabaret in New York,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Vanessa. “I’ve met so many celebrities at both places, and I met all of the Howard Stern gang the last time I was at Rick’s New York. Gary is one of the nicest. It was great to see him again. The Stern guys are all great.”

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