Sony Announces Killzone 3 Release Date

Sony has announced in their official blog that Killzone 3 will be hitting stores and “kicking your face” on February 22. The game picks up where Killzone 2 left off, with the gamer playing as ISA Sgt. “Sev” Sevchenko, who is in a whole world of hurt, since they’re stranded on a hostile planet and severely drained.

Killzone 3 will have 3D support, online, split-screen co-op campaign multiplayer, full PlayStation Move support using the new sharp shooter peripheral.

As mentioned before, the Collector’s “Helghast” Edition which includes a Cloaking Helghast Marksman figurine and the Helghast Helmet replica. It also comes with a voucher that allows access to the Killzone 3 Soundtrack, dynamic theme, Retro Map Pack, and pre-order unlocks. The voucher, of course, is to reward gamers who buy the game new and not used.

Those preorder unlocks depend on where you preordered the game – all of them include the and includes the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack which features two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2:

  • GameStop – Guerrilla Pack: unlocking all multiplayer weapons and abilities for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
  • Best Buy – Fast Starter Pack: rank up faster, as you earn experience points at double the normal rate for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
  • – Unlock and Load Pack: instant access to 3 Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice and get the early edge in Killzone 3 Multiplayer.

All other participating retailers just get the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack.

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