Free NFL Playoffs Expert Divisional Round 2 Picks and Predictions Contest: Last Call For Entries

In a few hours, precisely at 4:30pm EST, the second round of the 2010/2011 NFL Playoffs will kick off and i will mark the close of the entry period of the second round of the TMR Zoo Playoff Prediction Contest. Get your entries in now to maximize your points for the second round, or to add to your cumulative point total for the contest.


What do you win? A $100 gift card to if you earn the most cumulative points over the course of the playoffs, but if you finish as the highest point-earner in any of the individual rounds, you’ll get a DVD or Blu-ray prize pack. Check out the Playoff Contest Entry Page for all of the details and the entry form.

Here’s the twist… you get to re-pick the rest of the playoffs after each round. After the playoffs are complete, we’ll calculate each of your three pick sets and award the highest point total for each round the DVD prize. Then we’ll add up all three of the entries for the entire playoffs and the entrant with the highest point total wins the $100 gift card.

To get you started, the games this weekend are…

Baltimore Ravens (5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2)
Saturday 1/15 – 4:30pm
New York Jets (6) at New England Patriots (1) Sunday 1/16 – 4:30pm

Green Bay Packers (6) at Atlanta Falcons (1)
Saturday 1/15 – 8:00pm
Seattle Seahawks (4) at Chicago Bears (2) Sunday 1/16 – 1:00pm

The entry period for this contest will close at 4:30pm EST, the kickoff of the first game this weekend… the AFC North Division-wining Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Wild Card Baltimore Ravens… so ENTER NOW!!