Free NFL Playoffs Conference Finals Round 3 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest: Final Entry Round

Two rounds down, and just one more to go in the TMR Zoo Playoff Pick’em contest. We’ve had quite a few surprises so far in this year’s playoffs and that is certainly keeping the entire entry field honest. In the first round, we saw a team that everyone was complaining didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, knock out the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Then, in round 2, BOTH #1 seeds in each conference had their asses embarrassed in their own houses. Now here we are in round 3 for the conference championships. Since the top seeds have already been eliminated, the #2 seeds in both conferences will be hosting #6 seeds.

So if you think you are out of the running for the total points grand prize, guess again. For all of the above-mentioned reasons, this thing is far from over. I’m sure the playoffs have at least one more twist for us before they are over.

For this round of our playoff contest, you will be picking the conference finals and then the Super Bowl. As an added tie-breaker, please guess the total score of the Super Bowl as well. What’s on the line? A DVD prize pack for the winner of each round and a $100 gift card to for the grand prize winner. To enter your picks, simply fill out the form below.


The point breakdown per correct pick for this round is as follows:
Divisional Round: 4 points
Conference Championships: 8 points
Superbowl: 16 points

And two of the final three (real) games of the NFL season are:
New York Jets (6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2)
Sunday 1/23 – 6:30pm

Green Bay Packers (6) at Chicago Bears (2)
Sunday 1/23 – 3:00pm

Enter your picks in the form below:

Contest Rules:
Entering the giveaway is simple, completely fill out the form above including your name and email address.

This contest is open to all residents of the United States, and will close on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 3:00 pm EST. (Kickoff of the first game)

You can only enter this contest round once per person per email address. Multiple members of one household may enter with separate email addresses.

The winner will be notified via e-mail. Ties will be broken by selecting one winner at random from all winning entries. The winner MUST respond within 1 week of being notified or their prize will be given to the next runner-up. Upon award of the grand prize, the winner will be mailed $100 in gift cards. Multiple entries by any entrant will result in disqualification. The TMR Zoo will not be responsible for lost or missing mail. Good luck!!

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