Black Biscuit Release New Music Video for Their Latest Track, Anonymous

Up and coming hip hop duo Black Biscuit have unleashed an electrifying new video for their latest track, Anonymous. The band, who hail from North London, have been hotly tipped as ‘ones to watch’ as they have been making waves in the UK underground scene for a while. This video showcases the band’s catchy sound and recognisable beats in a fresh and original way.

The video was shot in one continuous take, following the band as they make their way home and meet various characters. In order to keep the action synced with the track, one continue shot means a lot of cues for a lot of people. It took four hours of rehearsing, many false starts and a few raised voices in order to get the timings perfect but eventually it all come together. The end result is currently on rotation on MTV Base and Channel U and is number 1 in the Flava chart.

The video was produced by Two Fish Films who donated their time and expertise for free. The video was shot on a glamorous location just outside Harrow on a freezing cold November day. The miniscule budget, scraped together by the band themselves, meant the cast and crew had to work exceptionally hard.

With this video, both Black Biscuit and the crew at Two Fish have cemented themselves as the ones to watch in their respective fields in 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for further collaborations between the two in the coming months.

To find out more about how the video was shot and stories from back stage visit here:

About Black Biscuit

Black Biscuit are a hip hop duo from London. The band formed in early 2009 and has slowly been making a name for themselves on the underground hip hop scene. Their debut single was called ‘We’re So Fly’ and can been seen on their website.

About Two Fish Films

Two fish films are a production company led by Chris Fergusson and Rosie Box. Chris Fergusson is a freelance DOP and editor and has worked on a number of shorts, music videos and feature films.

Rosie Box is an experienced producer and scriptwriter working on projects alongside a full time role for video seo specialist 99moves.