Howard Stern Show: Kacey Jordan From the Charlie Sheen Stable of Pornstars

This morning on the Howard Stern Show, Kacey Jordan (not Casey or K.C.) was in the studio to dish out some dirt on some of her celebrity escapades, but was in primarily to talk about her “relationship” with Charlie Sheen.

Kacey said that Charlie tried to “get her” a few years ago, but she missed the opportunity at the time and then Sheen got married and had kids. A few years later, Charlie was at it again, and again contacted Kacey. She went over his house while he was in the middle of a party/bender and he was totally trashed. It took awhile the first time (you can read between the lines there) but he did eventually bang her and continued to do so after.

Kacey reveled that Sheen has a typical “promise” he makes to his conquests… that he will eventually buy a 30,000 square foot mansion to house his entire stable of bitches. He would support them in every way possible and get them everything they asked for… immediately.

She also revealed that Sheen didn’t have any of his original teeth in his head. They had all fallen out due to drug use and that he has a full set of gold teeth that is covered up when he’s filming.

Kacey’s other celebrity sexcapades included former Mr. Britney Spears – Kevin Federlein, Tommy Lee and a prince from Dubai who paid her $35,000 for one sex session. When Howard brought up Tommy Lee, Kacey was shocked that anyone knew about them because it was a secret “relationship”. Show producer Gary Dell’Abate then chimed in saying that Kacey told them that she had sex with Lee in her pre-interview for the show. Her reaction was:”Oh… I was so trashed.”

Here’s a few more pics of one of the many girls in the Charlie Sheen stable of pornstars. Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized image:

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