Howard Stern Show: Janessa Brazil Gets Felt Up By Gary the Retard (PICS)

Janessa Brazil, Miss Howard TV March 2009, returned to the Howard Stern Show this morning to play a game with fellow guest, Gary “The Retard”. Janessa was the prize and for every question Gary would get right, he could feel up some boobies.

Janessa was brought in for the game, but the show was immediately sidetracked when Howard found out that show staffer, J.D. Harmeyer, had a few personal cam sessions with Janessa. Howard blasted him for paying so much money for something like that with the minimal salary he makes on the show. Stern tried to make a love connection, but it wasn’t happening.

Finally, the game started… Gary was wrong right out of the gate, but just as he is with all contests, Howard was very liberal with accepting answers and he eventually did get some bare Brazil boobs in his hands. After a few more questions, Gary was allowed to squeeze Janessa’s ass. Finally, a spanking over his knee was up for grabs and Mr. Retard won again. Wow, JD would have to pay a few hundred for that!

Here’s some eye-candy to match up to what you heard on the radio this morning (or listening to right now). Click any thumbnail below to view the full-sized image of Janessa:

Ms. Brazil finished off her appearance by riding the Sybian sex machine while Gary talked dirty to her… but it ended up just being Janessa doing the talking. The ride was “quick” since Janessa has her own Sybian at home.

Janessa just missed being Miss Howard TV of the Year for 2009, as she was just beat out by Reby Skye, the “New York Giants Girl”. It was basically a two-girl race with the two of them receiving a large percentage of the votes during the fan voting period.

Janessa talked about several recent scenes she shot with porn superstar Jesse Jane and that she was possibly falling in love with her.

You can see a WHOLE LOT more of Janessa (see what I did there?) at her personal website Make sure you check out the On Air schedule at to see when Janessa’s episode will air.