8-DVD Sex Series Pushes The Boundaries Of Self-Exploration of Real Couples

In the new series, Videos for Lovers: Behind the Bedroom Door, 15 couples in search of the ultimate connection push the boundaries of self-exploration to points unknown by not only talking about but revealing their sex lives before the cameras and the world. Founder/Creator , Loren Kapelow aims to empower viewers to explore, imploring them to walk through fear and conversation with their own partners and discover what’s missing in the bedroom.

Kapelow, also co-founder of the famous Better Sex Video Series , brings the 8-DVD Videos for Lovers series (www.vid eosforlovers.com) to the public based on a shared passion with, and promise to, her late husband Stephen. After the success of Better Sex (over 4 million sold), the two embarked on this project looking to reach people in a different way, focusing less on technique and more on building intimacy and eroticism through honest communication. They consulted experts at the Kinsey Institute , Masters and Johnson, Stanford University and Harvard Medical School to find the most common issues facing couples. They then interviewed over 600 couples and narrowed it down to 15 of various ages and cultures who best represented these issues. Now Stephen and Loren’s vision lives on through this beautifully authentic, co-produced content.

“We felt that the most effective way to connect with real people was to show them real people,” says Kapelow. “Real people have insecurities and imperfections in their relationships and sex lives, and unlike the portrayals we often see from actors and models, have the power to create a heightened relatability for the viewers. I truly believe that there’s never been a more honest look into the sexuality of human beings than this one.”

Joining Kapelow are Dr. Julie Elledge and Dr. Tom Hicks of Academic Alley who co-wrote the Lovers Exploration Guide : Developing an Intimate Erotic Connection , which accompanies the Videos for Lovers series. As expert consultant to the project, Academic Alley also provides a continuing education program that allows mental health professionals to become “VFL Certified” and in turn, accessed by viewers at the “Find a Coach” tab on videosforlovers.com. Elledge is a psychotherapist with a PhD in education and a Masters in clinical psychology, while Hicks, also a psychotherapist of 30 years, has taught courses in doctoral psychology, marriage and family therapy for close to two decades at San Diego area universities.

“It’s amazing when great energy and research come together like this,” says Elledge. “From the minute Loren asked me to be a part of Videos for Lovers, it was something I felt I could really get behind from a scientific perspective. They did their homework so that this was not only done in a fun way, it was done the right way.”

“Educational products come in many forms,” added Hicks. “And this series is truly about teaching people while also giving them an inspirational, spiritual kick-start. It’s a gift to be enjoyed by anyone. And its benefits can be truly life-changing.”

About Videos f or Lovers:

Vi deos for Lovers is produced by Learning Corp. It is available for purchase in DVD or streaming video formats at  videosforlovers.com, starting at a price of $7.95. DVD 1 features Annie & Eric and Jim & Patti; DVD 2 — Theresa & Robert and Rod & Linda; DVD 3 — Donna & Gary and Steve & Jeanne; DVD 4 – Liz & Tom and Nancy & Todd; DVD 5 – John & Heidi and Matt & Tina; DVD 6 – Shane & Stacy and James & Carol; DVD 7 – James & Felicia and Jim & Olga; DVD 8 – Karen & Michael. The companion book, Lovers Exploration Guide : Developing an Intimate Erotic Connection is also available.

About Academic Alle y :

Academic Alley is an organization dedicated to relationship education and coaching mental health professionals toward additional certifications in these areas. Its diverse team brings skill sets from not only the worlds of mental health and education but entertainment and technology to provide an enjoyable and more powerful learning experience. Dr. Julie Elledge is the company’s Owner and President, and Dr. Tom Hicks is its Clinical Director. Academic Alley is a licensed Continuing Education provider for the state of California.

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