Philadelphia Rocker Leiana Pulls No Punches With New Release Lucky #3

Leiana is an up and coming punk/alternative rocker that has been generating a lot of buzz in the industry. Hailing from Philly, this girl is destine for rock stardom with her third album “Lucky #3”. This is a high energy album that pulls no punches and will definitely leave you wanting more.

““Nothing=You”, the opening track, might be the most energetic and addictive song on the album, but Lucky #3 is comprised of some really enjoyable punk/rock anthems (“Down To You”, “Suffer”, “Happy Now”). A good majority of these tracks are backed by catchy choruses that will get your fist in the air, so fans of The Distillers or Joan Jett should really check this one out” — Lexington Press

“. Songs like “Nothing = You” and “Suffer” will be stuck in your head after the first listen, and that’s pretty powerful effect.” — Ultimate Guitar Review

“What a pleasant surprise Lucky #3 turned out to be. Leiana is infectious and her light and tight rock sensibilities make this album an easy choice for frequent listening ” — Keith Anderson, The New Review

As I listened to this amazing collection of songs I fully expected the excitement to fade as the album progressed, however as one song ended and the next began, I found myself more intrigued and more in love with this new, refreshing style of rock. If you like the greats such as Billy Idol, Offspring, or any of the other greats in this genera, than this is the album for you. For more on this rising star go to

reviewed by: Kyle Sanders