Game? What Game?: NFL Wives and Girlfriends Did NOT Deliver in Super Bowl XLV

Kim Kardashian.  Kendra Wilkinson. These are names that mean something in celebrity circles.  Now try this on for size:  John Madden, Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, and Michael Douglas.  What have they ever done?

Instead of a hearty helping of sports girlfriends (who often draw as much “sideline” airtime as their reality TV episodes), we were shown in 2011 a slew of celebrities at the Super Bowl who don’t have a sex tape.

Now this is unacceptable.

Those of us who are guilty can admit it: we tune in for the commercials first, the game second, and the famous crowd faces third. This year’s lineup? John Travolta, A-Rod being fed like he was some seventeenth century Prince, and Ron “Opie” Howard. 

Where have we gone wrong as a country that I can’t tune into the big game to see beautiful trophy wives instead of people who are actually making a difference in society?  Makes me sick.  So now, I present to you the faces I would have liked to see at the big game:

The only truth in sports is this: The Quarterbacks get all the ladies, from Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez, to Aaron Rodgers and everyone in between…  The ladies love them some quarterback. 

In Aaron Rodger’s case, the winning Super Bowl XLV QB, his girlfriends might have actually filled up the entire stadium.  Sports reporter and Dancing with the Stars alum Erin Andrews, actress Jessica Szohr, a past relationship with Lady Antebellum front woman Hilary Scott, as well as Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson round out the list of rumored candidates.  Basically, everyone wearing green and gold in the stands was probably, at one time or another, dating Aaron Rodgers.  We just didn’t get any close-ups.
We got to see Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, but we didn’t see Julie Henderson:

And if she had looked like this in the stands, I’m not so sure the cameramen would have ever gotten back to the game.

For the other SB team, Ben Roethlisberger, QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers, thankfully, the list is shorter. Missy Peregrym (below), an actress best known for roles in the television series Reaper and Rookie Blue, is his on again off again relationship.

Instead, the cameramen settled.  We need eye candy with our short attention spans, a break from the rigors and violence of the game where we can gaze upon perfection for a few moments in time…true beauty. 

So cameramen, start getting ready for next years game.  ‘Cause we, as a nation, deserve better than what we got this year.