MLB 11: The Show “Evaluator” Feature

PlayStation US Blog has posted a new reveal of a new MLB 11: The Show feature. This time, it’s the Evaluator, which grades a gamer’s performance as you play games or The Road to the Show.

This new system analyzes your approach at the plate (or to batters faced) to then grade you, and in turn, provide training points. There are a number of factors that determine if the at bat was good or not, which include things like the amount of pitches during the at bat, the type of contact of the hit, and the overall result of the play. In general, the more pitches you see during the at bat, the better your chances are to receive a good result regardless if the at bat ended in a hit or not. However, ripping a first pitch strike for a home run will always be considered a good result.

The article goes on to explain:

For batters, we evaluate your swing timing, contact quality, plate discipline, pitch recognition, and finally your overall at bat results. This data is tracked for your most recent 100 plate appearances and is displayed in the locker room screen, under the Player Performance Evaluator tab.

For pitchers, we keep track of your strikes versus balls thrown, percentage of first pitch strikes, percentage you work ahead in the count, a breakdown of your pitch type tendencies, and finally your overall batter’s faced results. The same holds true with batters in that the data is tracked for your most recent 100 batters faced.

After the game has analyzed your weaknesses, it’ll put you through training to fix those issues.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to MLB 11: The Show.

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