PAX East ’11: Guild Wars 2 Demo Includes Thief Class

Gamers heading to PAX East next week in Boston will not only be able to get some hands-on time with ArenaNet’s free-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2, but will also be able to play as the newly unveiled Thief class.

The Thief is obviously a stealth-class, and like the Rogue class of World of Warcraft, will have low armor and health, but will have high mobility, be able to hide and dish out tons of damage in single-combat. They will even be able to steal the weapons of their foes and use them against them. Thief skills include stealth, shadow stepping, traps, and dual skills. Thieves can also choose from a variety of weapons such as swords, daggers, a shortbow, and even pistols.

Thief skills have a different mechanic than other Guild Wars 2 classes. The class works off “Initiative”. Instead of recharge time, skills will cost a certain amount of Initiative pointswhich allows Thieves the ability to use their skills back to back.

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