BPI Sports A50 Reviewed

BPI Sports A50 – a breakdown of what is in it and why we don’t feel it will provide the results promised in the ads.

These are the main ingredients listed in a 50mg proprietary blend: 7-Hydroxy-3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-8-[(3r,4r,5s,6r)-3,4,5 Trihydroxy-6-(Hydroxymethyl)oxan-2-Yl]chromen-4-One 5,6,7-Trihydroxy-2-Phenyl-Chromen-4-One Undec-10-Enoic-Acid

From the BPI website: A50™ doesn’t just live up to the hype- it exceeds it like nothing ever before!

For everyone out there that wonders if insane, out-of-this-world, vascularity, strength, and muscle gains are impossible – it’s time to wake up and smell A50™! For years now, you have been force fed wannabe underground anabolic based formulas that do nothing but fall short of promises and guarantees. Before and after pictures of paid professional bodybuilders who have no freakin’ clue what they are being paid to endorse. Our competitors are too busy drinking their own kool-aid to be honest with you. Rather than say they can’t get it done, they package it up in a pretty little box, throw a hologram on it and tell you that they just reinvented the wheel.

Is A50™ really as good as Everyone Says it is? Look, this formula has been in the works longer than we can remember. There have been no less than 37 trial versions that have been produced in an effort to get it to where it is now. In fact, there was even a time when we didn’t think it would happen. Well, it did and the results are outright staggering.

A50™ is a muscle bound, strength based, vascular monster of a formula. This is the only product that BPI Sports has ever hyped up before release. A50™ is designed to achieve optimal growth in a minimum amount of time. This is exactly what you want. The opportunity to get BIG – Fast! There is absolutely nothing that will even come close to results that you will achieve by using A50™. You wanna put on Lean, Hard, Quality Muscle?

How Does A50™ Work?

A50™ is formulated to work by way of multiple physiological pathways, including inhibition of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-degrading phosphodiesterases (PDEs), regulation of GH-releasing hormones and somatotropin-release inhibiting factor, as well as interaction with hormonal (luteinizing hormone and testosterone) and neuronal (dopaminergic) pathways.

A50™ Highlights

* Increased Testosterone Levels.
* Increased Vascularity.
* Increase Osteoblast Differentiation (Bone Mineral Density).
* Increased Libido.
Modeled After The Greatest muscle builder of All Time!

Below in order is what these three ingredients actually are, all of which have been available for several years in other products, and won’t do anything to make you bigger or stronger.

Puerarin (an isoflavone derived from Daidzein, not anabolic at all)

Baicalein (an anti-inflammatory flavonoid, not anabolic at all)

Undecylenic acid (an ester, frequently used in gel caps and other oral medications)