TMR Zoo Babe Of The Moment: Ariela Bat-Sheva

Tired of seeing the same old celebrities and swimsuit models in the same old celebrity bikini galleries? Well, the “Babe of the Moment” is the TMR Zoo’s attempt to bring you some fresh new faces, and bodies, that you haven’t seen over and over again whenever you are on your daily internet search for hot chicks. We have plenty of bikini babes for you, so sit back and enjoy the moment…

Name: Ariela Bat-Sheva
Sign: Leo (rawr)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA but currently living in Las Vegas, NV
Hair: Red. But that changes with my mood, lol.
Eyes: Green
Measurements: 36 B/C – 24 – 36
Height: 5’3 (I’m a short shit)

Hobbies: Making jewelry, graphic arts, driving people crazy…. *sigh it’s a living ;)

Skills: Photoshop skillz, lol. And I’ve been modeling / acting for 10 years professionally. lol.

Talent: I have many.

Favorite Sport: Hockey and soccer. I’d make a great Canadian. lol.

What is your best feature? My eyes.

What qualities do you look for in a man? Not clingy. Not possessive. Not overly jealous. Everything else is debatable. lol.

Describe yourself in 3 words… Totally Fucked Up…. no I’m kidding…. sorta….. “Erotic. Exotic. Morbidly Optomistic.”

What is your idea of a dream date? One I don’t have to pay for.

What celebrity do you most look like? I get told Angelina Jolie the most. Idk. I think she’s way hotter. lol.

Tell us something interesting about yourself… I do all my own photoshop editing for my pics and design my own site. I do as much as I can for myself because that is the best way to ensure success how you want it. plus if you fuck up, there’s no one to blame but yourself. Thanks for reading my interview. hope you will continue to follow my work. <3

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