Modern Rock Magazine Introduces You To – Rufus Fontain

With high-energy live shows and well-crafted-in-your-face tunes, the guys in Rufus Fontain deliver what rock fans have been screaming for…real rock-n-roll…for real rock-n-rollers.

Collectively, with years of experience, their tireless work ethic, boundless energy and soon to be classics such as “Lookin For A Fight” and “Get Out Of My Hell”, Rufus Fontain will be rocking the masses for years to come!

What Are People Saying About Rufus Fontain?

..Rufus Fontain is the embodiment of everything that true metalheads look for. They’re your next favorite band…and you don’t even know it yet! Rufus Fontain are the reincarnation of yesteryear’s hard rock pioneers…with a new Southern-fried sense of ingenuity. -Tony Cantarella Show Producer “The Rock & Roll Lawyer Show“

Recent independant review: Rufus Fontain: Nashville, Tennessee (Rock/Rock/Rock) Ronnie Honeycutt sings with high energy. I have been waiting for a great Rock group for along time to come along with the sound that Rufo brings. These talented musicians have been in the industry for awhile. It looks like its all about to pay off big time for these guys. Personally, a great group of guys that have the intensity that has been missing in the industry for a few years. You Guys Rock.

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