NCAA Sweet 16: Preview and Predictions (Babe Gallery)

The opening tipoff of NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship – Sweet 16 is growing closer. We at TMR Zoo feel we have definitely done our due diligence to get more familiar with college hoops…but alas hours of research hasn’t helped us. Once again we are forced to rely on TMRZoo Bracketology.

We have been very upfront about our limited knowledge of March Madness…um, I mean NCAA tournament basketball. This does not mean we expect a pass or we are going to post fluff about the NCAA Sweet 16 or Final Four. As we educate ourselves on this game called basketball we hope to share our findings with you readers.

As we do with all sports we are unfamiliar with here at TMR we try to learn about the sport by learning about the fans. TMRZoo Bracketology states the team with the hottest fans will ultimately win. That is why over the past few weeks we have been bringing you the hottest photos of the cheerleaders, babes and the hottest coeds from the school participating in 2011NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship.

Without further delay here is Sweet 16 2010 Power Rankings: The Girls the 2011 Sweet 16. Let’s take a look and see how the final 16 stack up. The Virginia Commonwealth Rams look like a breakout team this year.