April Fools Day Comes Early For Shock Top Beer

Ever see anyone try to taste or smell an iPhone? You might – and soon – thanks to the new Virtual Sip app coming from Shock Top. The Shock Top Virtual Sip app proudly promises the ability to taste and smell Shock Top’s unique blend of coriander, orange and citrus peel thanks to its “revolutionary scent and taste technology.”

Now, we know you’re too smart to fall for that. But you’ve seen America. You live here. You know people are going to try to smell Shock Top through their smart phones. And we think your readers could have a lot of fun using it to play April Fools’ Day pranks on friends who aren’t smart enough to read The TMR Zoo. Especially that one friend. The one who is ALWAYS on the phone, bragging about new apps – this is for that friend.

Need a little back-up on the joke? An inside look at the “science” behind Virtual Sip is available at shocktopbeer.com. The app is available for free download starting March 28 through the App Store for iPhone and the Android Market. Gullible colleagues, friends, neighbors and strangers beware – you’ve never tasted a prank so sweet.