Howard Stern Show: Tierra Lee is Miss Howard TV for April 2011 (PICS)

This morning, Howard Stern crowned only the second Miss Howard TV in his second contract with SiriusXM Satellite radio. Miss HTV for the month of April 2011 is Tierra Lee, a Playboy model. Howard immediately mis-pronounced her name as tiara, like the crown.

Before the new Miss HTV even was brought in for her interview, there was already an inter-studio controversy surrounding her. Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund who seems to be at the center of most Stern Show controversies these days, had Tiera change the outfit she wore because he didn’t think it was “good for the show”. We all know how Howard loves it when his driver/security force directs the show, so the typical argument with Ronnie ensued.

Ronnie came in to defend himself, but Howard dismissed him immediately. Finally Howard got down to interviewing Tierra and she explained her “modeling” career for Playboy and how she is only nude in “private” sessions via pay-per-minute or subscription services. She also discussed how her parents fully support her career and that her mom took her to her Playboy audition.

That’s enough of the small talk… Here is a preview of what we found on Ms. Tierra Lee. Despite what she said on the air, all we could really find were nudes of Ms. Lee. Click any thumbnail below to see the full-sized version:

Howard drew a good story out of Tierra where she she wanted to have sex with her (girl) friend and eventually did so in front of their boyfriends. Her boyfriends jump right in and started banging the friend. The situation ended up like they all do with the girl saying “it’s not fair, it’s my turn” and Tierra get her retribution by banging her friends’ boyfriend right there in front of him. Tierra giggled throughout the entire story.

Crazy kids these days.

The Show was going into a break and Howard told Ms. HTV to change into the outfit that Ronnie wanted her to wear. As she walked in after the break, Howard totally agreed with Ronnie and said that the new outfit was amazing. Another groundbreaking event on the Howard Stern Show.

As always, we will post Miss Howard TV’s official bikini photoshoot after the guys on the Stern Show complete it.

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