Justin Bieber to Play Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain in Bio-flick

It was announced today that pop sensation Justin Beiber will be playing Kurt Cobain in a bio-flick about Nirvana. The movie will focus on Kurt Cobain’s early years, before he formed the legendary grunge trio. Courtney Love announced the beginning of production of the film tentatively titled “Heart Shaped Box” today. Love told reporters to “be prepared to be shocked by Justin Bieber’s portrayal of Kurt”. Love went on to say ” You people only get to see the Justin Bieber in the pop videos. “After meeting with him I see he is a deep, complex and very dark person.” she then added “Justin is very much like Kurt.”

Justin Bieber was on hand at the press event. Beiber said he is excited by the project. Beiber will be singing a lot of the music in the film himself. The producers are going as far as having Justin add his voice to the master tapes of the early Nirvana classic album Bleach, released on Sub Pop Records in 1989. Bieber’s version of Bleach will serve as the musical backdrop for most of the movie.

The film will focus on the period before Foo Fighers front man Dave Grohl joined Nirvana. Bassist and Nirvana co-founder Krist Novoselic is written heavily into the screenplay Love told reporters. Currently no one is cast as the Nirvana bass player but insiders think Nick Jonas will be filling the role.

The screenplay was written by Floria Sigismondi the director that brought The Runaways to the big screen. Floria Sigismondi will take on directing duties for this film also. Floria said “Justin Beiber is going to do for Kurt Cobain what Kristen Stewart did for the legacy of Joan Jett. This is a great way to introduce another generation of kids to the icons of punk rock.

Once Heart Shaped Box is in the can Floria Sigismondi said she will immediately start her next punk rock bio flick. She would love to see Twilight Breaking Dawn star Taylor Lautner play Sid Vicious in her next film about the Sex Pistols.