Kristie Alley Responds to George Lopez’s Pig Joke (Pics)

I am not getting this. Kristie Alley has made a living later serving up self deprecating humor. The actress has gone from starring on Cheers to breaking CHAIRS with her very noticeable weight gain. Cristie has worked as Jenny Craig’s spokeswoman and starred in the comedy series Fat Actress. Why she flipped out when George Lopez joined her with the fat jokes is beyond me.

George Lopez lampooned Kristie’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Lopez compared her to a dancing pig with “little hooves tapping away.” “Before the show, she went to the market and then she had roast beef,” he said, alluding to the pig in the nursery rhyme. I think George was pretty funny. Kristie Alley did not. She viciously attacked back commenting on Lopez’s kidney transplant, his drinking and his divorce.

This is not the first time Kristie has lashed out at a late night comic form making jokes at her expense. In 2009 Conan O’Brian was the target of her scorn for his Kristie Alley fat jokes. There is a simple fix for this. If Kristie Alley stops doing comedy shows and A&E reality shows about her weight, it won’t be an target. When you put it out there it is up for all to comment on.

The mammoth actress will not tell her current weight. It seems to be at least twice it was when she did the nude scenes In Blind Date (1984). In 1984 Christie was quite the biscuit, she took a long but hard slide from a 10 to a 2. If there is ever a Cheers reunion I bet we could hide Norm and Cliff behind her. There is no way we would want to see Cristi Alley naked now. If she hit a nude beach people would push her back in the water to save her.

Here are some 20 year old pictures of Kristi Alley when she was hot. Consider it eye bleach for the pick at the top of the page.