Cam Newton NFL Mock Draft Contest Update – Last Team Visit Before Draft Day

The Buffalo Bills will be hosting the subject of our latest featured contest, Cam Newton, on Tuesday. It will be Cam’s final visit with a team prior to the 2011 NFL Draft and also the FOURTH time Bills officials will meet with him. The Bills hold the 3rd pick in the draft so Newton will have to fall through the fingers of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, who hold the only two picks before them.

The odds of the Broncos going QB in the first round are slim since they used a first round pick on last year’s TMR contest focus, Tim Tebow. So that just leaves the Panthers… and that is exactly the team that the majority of entrants are guessing in our contest.

The second most popular guess is the Cincinnati Bengals, looking to find a replacement for the disgruntled Carson Palmer. Third is the Buffalo Bills.

If you are confident in who you think will pick Cam Newton, you can guess that team every single day up until draft day on April 28th. Enter now!

Here are a few new predictions and mock drafts concerning Mr. Newton:

Steve Wyche via – First Round by Minnesota Vikings

“Brokenbones” via – Third Round

Codt Strahm via – First Round by Miami Dolphins

Take these various tidbits of helpful, or useless, info and cast your next vote in our exclusive Cam Newton Contest. Remember, you can enter once a day, every day, up until the start of the 2011 NFL Draft on Thursday evening April 28th. You can win a prize pack consisting of 7 Academy Award-winning movies for your DVD/Blu-ray collection if you simply guess the round Cam Newton is picked in and the team that drafts him.