Fender Introduces Super-Sonic Amps And Enclosures

Fender’s Pro Tube series Super-Sonic amplifiers are widely acclaimed as high-performance, no-nonsense tube amps that create unmistakable Fender clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones without masking the tonal character of the player’s guitar. The new Super-Sonic 100 head, Super Sonic 100 412 Straight Enclosure, Super Sonic 100 412 Slant Enclosure and Super-Sonic Twin combo are professional-level flagship amps and enclosures that raise the power of the Super-Sonic line to an arena-worthy 100 watts and introduce several sonically versatile new features.

The Super-Sonic 100 head mates perfectly with Super-Sonic 100 412 Straight and Super-Sonic 100 412 Slant enclosures; the Super-Sonic Twin combo has dual 12” Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers. Both amps feature:

• New Fender Automatic Bias control, which lets you easily set the output tubes to the recommended factory setting and to your preference of “hotter” or “cooler” bias with no need for meters or tools.
• A Notch Tune control that lets you move the midrange notch and fine-tune distortion characteristics for a variety of American and British amp sounds.
• A rear-panel damping control that lets you select “normal,” “loose” or “tight” speaker response for sounds ranging from warm and loose to tight and focused.
• An Arena/Club switch that takes the power down from 100 to 25 watts to preserve great high-volume tube tone at lower club gig volume levels.
• Vintage channel for shimmering clean tone derived from Fender Twin Reverb® and Showman® amps or the thick, punchy sound of a 1960s-era Bassman® amp.
• Burn channel for edgy breakup and distortion with variable compression, thickness and sustain.
• Custom Schumacher transformers, tube-driven Fender long-spring reverb, effects loop with level control that also works as a footswitch-operated boost, Black/Silver and Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatments, cover and pedalboard-friendly four-button footswitch.

The Super Sonic 100 412 Straight Enclosure and Super Sonic 100 412 Slant Enclosure both feature four 12” Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers, Baltic birch-ply construction for increased resonance, Black/Silver and Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatments, casters and cover.

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