2011 TMR Zoo Double Play – Weekly Prizes and Winners

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    TRON 5-Disc Combo Set
    Disney presents a high-tech motion picture unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an astonishing 3D Combo Pack. Immerse yourself in the digital world of TRON, as celebrated actor Jeff Bridges stars in a revolutionary visual effects adventure beyond imagination. When Flynn, the world’s greatest video game creator, sends out a secret signal from an amazing digital realm, his son discovers the clue and embarks on a personal journey to save his long-lost father. With the help of the fearless female warrior Quorra, father and son venture through an incredible cyber universe and wage the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Bring home an unrivaled entertainment experience with TRON: Legacy in jaw-dropping Disney Blu-ray 3D – complete with never-before-seen bonus features that take you even deeper into the phenomenal world of TRON. It’s Magic In A New Dimension.


    The Woodstock Experience CD Box Set
    Back in 1969 Santana, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Winter and Sly & the Family Stone weren’t all label mates. Some recorded for RCA, some for Columbia, some for Epic. In recent years, those labels have each been absorbed by Sony, putting that company in the position of being able to bundle music from each of those artists into a single package on its Legacy label.

    The Woodstock Experience is an interesting concept. For each of the mentioned artists, Sony Legacy has put together a two-CD package that includes the artist’s performance at Woodstock and a studio album released by the artist in 1969. Quite a few of the Woodstock performances are being released for the first time.


    Whitney Cummings: Money Shot DVD

    Money Shot finds Whitney Cummings riffing on a wide range of topics chiefly, the differences between men and women and how both tend to behave in relationships. And before you roll your eyes at the very thought of another comic covering this well-worn territory, Cummings has found an approach to the material that’s unique enough to make her take on it very compelling. She’s a foul-mouthed “guy’s girl” who surrenders none of her femininity in order to be accepted by the male half, and she’s just as honest and critical of women as she is of men. Her act never turns into “we’re smart, you’re not.”
    Well, mostly.