Guitar Gear Review: Guitar Pro 6 is the Total Solution For Pros and Beginners Alike

Guitar apps are many. From the mobile phone marketplaces to the shelves of music stores – prices vary as much as options. While there are plenty of software tools for your guitar, many are one trick ponies. Others require you to by expensive companion hardware. This hardware can range from buggy computer interfaces to sub -par guitar controllers.

Guitar Pro 6 gives the guitarist a complete workstation without requiring additional hardware. A quick and inexpensive download was all I needed to get up and running. the software is simple to configure with no need to search for additional plugins or drivers.

The tablature interface is easy to use even the novice can jump right in and start building arrangements. All of the most commonly used music notation symbols are available. Symbols frequently used by guitarist to notate glissando and tremolo are also included.

The audio editing blew me away. I was able to sonically mimic my MXR Distortion+/Fender Twin setup easily. With over 50 effects and amps it was simple to tweak my sound. The audio editing also allows you to alter the tunings on the guitar. The user can learn Eddie Van Halen or Randy Rhoades drop tuning classics in standard tunings. With a click of one button I can transpose Jimmy Page or Keith Richards open G classics like Page’s Bron-Y-Aur or The Rolling Stone’s Start Me Up to any tuning I desire.

Guitar Pro 6 also has a “Scale Engine” that maps out the most common to the most exotic scales for you in every position. this is an excellent training and teaching tool. Music educators will find the many options to share their work in Guitar Pro 6 a godsend.

While we are talking about sharing I need to talk about the countless websites I found dedicated to this awesome tool. Across the web there are tab sharing sites that allow you to download the tab in Guitar Pro’s .GP6 format. Once uploaded I can edit someone else’s tab – change tunings, keys or even correct possible errors. These tab can then be saved in a library on your hard drive, uploaded back to the Guitar Pro community or emailed to a friend.

Every Guitar Pro user site I found had no membership fees and there were tons of tabs to be found in every style. I was able to also to find full guitar primers on Jazz scales and country guitar licks.

For the price of one guitar lesson you can own this powerhouse software. I would call this a must buy for everyone from the beginner to the professional. Still skeptical? Download the free trial and find out for yourself.