Is Kate Middleton Hotter Than Princess Diana? (Bikini Pictures)

When she marries Prince William, Kate Middleton will join the ranks of Princess Grace of Monaco and Queen Rania of Jordan as one of the most beautiful royals in history, according to the survey. Miss Middleton came in third in the poll, beating the late Diana, Princess of Wales who followed in fourth place.

The exclusive online dating community,, provided a list of royals and told voters to choose who was the most beautiful. 127,000 adults voted in the poll, which was open to everyone, not just to members, who must themselves pass a similar rating system in order to join the exclusive dating community.

Princess Grace came in first with a 91 per cent approval rating; Queen Rania came in a close second with 90 per cent; Miss Middleton was third with 84 per cent, and Lady Diana fourth with 82.

The only other British royal to make it into the top ten was Princess Margaret, who came in ninth with 70 per cent.

“Kate Middleton is no typical beauty,” said Greg Hodge, managing director of “But her style, deportment and immaculate grooming have clearly won her an army of admirers, propelling her to the same heights as Princess Grace and Queen Rania. I think the world is breathing a sigh of relief that the British monarchy can only get better looking in generations to come.”

Not faring quite so well were the Duchess of York and her daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice. Prince Andrew’s youngest daughter Eugenie was top of the three – with 33% of votes – followed by Beatrice and Princess Fiona from Shrek sharing 32% of votes each. Fergie scored 21%, just behind Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The men’s list was topped by Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden. Prince William came in fifth, just behind his younger brother Harry, who was fourth.

Surprisingly, Prince Charles scraped into the top 10 with 37% whilst former playboy Prince Andrew joined the lowest ranking royals for looks – trailing slightly behind King Henry the VIII. Andrew scored better than his ex-wife, Weight Watchers ambassador Sarah Ferguson.

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Top 10 royal beauties: women

Princess Grace of Monaco: 91%
Queen Rania of Jordan: 90%
Princess in waiting, Kate Middleton: 84%
Princess Diana of Wales: 82%
Princess Charlotte of Monaco: 76%
Princess Gayatri Devi: 75%
Princess Madeline of Sweden: 74%
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark: 72%
Princess Margaret: 70%
Princess Masako of Japan: 68%