Madden NFL 12 Cover Athlete Voting Finale: Michael Vick vs. Peyton Hillis

Fan voting to select the player who will grace the cover of Madden NFL 12 is in it’s championship round. The final match in the cover athlete tournament is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick versus Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis. No, I didn’t say Peyton Manning… it is some other white guy named Peyton, but with the last name Hillis.

Vick being in the finale was a given, even though he beat Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson only by a 59% to 41% vote. We called it in the very first round that Vick would be here, however, we thought that Aaron Rodgers would be his opponent. The very same Aaron Rodgers that was soundly beaten by Hillis to the tune of 61% to 39%.

Hillis has been a dark horse the entire way. He was the 10th seed in a field of 16 and has beaten out the likes of Ray Rice, Matt Ryan and Jamal Charles en route to thumping Rodgers’ ass in the semi-finals.

Click the image below to cast your vote in the final round or to see the round-by-round voting percentages:

My money is on Vick winning this thing and the Philadelphia Eagles getting struck down (again) by the Madden Curse, but who the hell thought Hillis would even be here? The Cleveland Browns’ fan base must be voting up a storm. You know its not the fans of the other teams in the AFC North trying to strike the curse upon Cleveland… they haven’t broken a sweat over th Browns in years.

It will probably be a very close battle so cast your vote before it’s too late.