Miami Dolphins Receiver Brandon Marshall In Intensive Care After Stabbing

ESPN is reporting Pro Bowl Miami Dolphins Receiver Brandon Marshall was stabbed last night. Two leauge sources confirmed to ESPN insider Adam Schefter that a woman stabbed Brandon Marshall with a knife and he is in intensive care. Though Brandon Marshall is currently in intensive care, a source close to the situation says he will be OK.

It is too early to tell if this will have an impact on the 20011 season for Brandon Marshall. It also has yet to be told what part of the body he was stabbed in. With the 2011 NFL Draft days away this assault could have a major impact on The Miami Dolphins draft board. This is as skill position for The Miami Dolphins that was all but set, that is now uncertain.

Brandon Marshall is The Miami Dolphins leading receiver, racking up 1,014 receiving yards with despite missing two games with a hamstring injury. Since being acquired last year from The Denver broncos Brandon Marshall has become The Miami Dolphins biggest threat and highest paid player.

Notre Dame deep threat of Michael Floyd or Georgia speedster A.J. Green may have just gotten penciled into Tony Sparano’s draft board. I guess we will all have to wait and see.