Gibson Guitars Announces 7-String Flying V

Marry the thunder to the lightning and what have you got? One of the meanest rumbles on the planet, all dressed in the sleekest design the guitar world has ever known. When first introduced in 1958 as part of Gibson’s groundbreaking Modernist Series, the Flying V was so far ahead of its time that most players just couldn’t handle it. A decade later, it was the ultimate statement in rock. Add to this innovative design the gut-rumbling menace of a low-B string to make the “V” a 7-string, ram it through a pair of EMG™ active pickups, and give it the unparalleled playability of an instrument crafted by Gibson USA, and you’ve got the new Flying V 7-String—the ultimate statement for today’s metal guitarist.

As radical a tone monster as the Flying V 7-String surely is, it all starts with a mammoth dose of Gibson tradition. A body crafted from solid mahogany offers all the depth, richness and musicality of that long-revered tonewood, while a glued-in neck made from solid quarter-sawn mahogany further enhances resonance and sustain. A slim yet comfortable neck profile that goes from .800″ at the 1st fret to .900″ at the 12th makes the Flying V 7-String and easy ride despite the added width required (1.969″ at the nut), and the rosewood fingerboard’s 12-degree radius provides all the choke-free bending room players have come to expect from a Gibson electric guitar. Dress it all in a high-gloss Ebony Black finish with gold hardware and no fingerboard markers to spoil the flow, and the Flying V 7-String looks every bit as mean as it sounds.

While the Flying V 7-String is already a pretty fierce beast just as it sits, a pair of EMG™ active humbucking pickups really put paid to the deal. Crafted by the top name in rock and heavy metal pickups, an EMG™ 707® in the neck position gives unparalleled warmth and thickness with the outstanding clarity that only high-quality actives can provide, while an EMG™ 81-7® in the bridge position cranks up the grind, crunch and wail like nothing you’ve heard before. The traditional Flying V trio of an independent volume control for each pickup and a master tone control with three-way selector switch maintains an appealing blend of simplicity and versatility. To keep it all singing and solid, Gibson USA uses a 7-string take on the traditional Flying V through-body “V” tail plate and Tune-o-matic bridge, with a PLEK-cut Corian nut at the other end. Finally, gearless Steinberger™ tuners give a deceptively “tunerless” look to the “V” headstock, topping off a look that is every bit as eviscerating as this beast’s tone.

Each guitar includes a Gibson hardshell “V” case and owner’s manual, and is covered by Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.