Suds With Securb: A Little Bit O’ Weed Just May Be What You Need…That is Jeremiah Weed

In what could be breaking a cardinal man rule and beer writer law I am reviewing a malt beverage. We have done pieces on some of the Four -Locoesque malt bombs in the past. Most of those reviews were tongue-in-cheek satire. Today we are going to take a look at Jeremiah Weed Road House Tea.

Jeremiah Weed Road House Tea is not a “chick drink” it is a 5.8% abv can of goodness. Jeremiah Weed Road House Tea pours a clear bourbon color with no head. It has a strong citrus/alcohol aroma with a classic Lipton tea aroma. The mouth feel is light with no carbonation. There is a strong sweetness that carries to the finish and is joined on the backend with a ton of lemon and alcohol.

Could I drink these all day? I would have to say no. The sweetness would be overbearing for this to be a session drink for me. What I can say is one or two of these iced teas are a nice change up from my typical beverage of choice.  I will be revisiting an ice cold Jeremiah Weed on a hot day this summer. The Weed Road House Tea has made it’s way into my cooler’s rotation. I am looking forward to trying the Lemonade and the Cola.

I like this a lot, the wife loved it. Enough said.