Sony Press Conference 2011 Recap: It Could Be A Month Before PlayStation Network is 100%

Sony Corporation (ADR) (Public, NYSE:SNE) held their long awaited press conference in Japan about the PSN outage and yet again we haven’t learned much. The stock answer from Sony since the beginning of this fiasco is the mantra “The Sony Playstation Network will be up in a few days”. The positive spin on this is Sony has yet to hold a press conference to tell us this, so maybe we are seeing the light.

In typical Sony fashion questions about the purpose of the attach we deflected. What we did find out is there were about 10 million credit cards on the servers and the data was not encrypted. Kaz Hirai followed up the statement on the amount of credit card by saying ” but they can not be sure if anyone will be at risk.’ We have already heard reports of PSN users card being used, it is difficult to tie those cards to the breach.

The big take aways from the press conference are: Sony will give 30 days of PSN+ and Qriocity for free to all users. I am guessing this include all PSN members. Sony are conducting a worldwide investigation to catch the attackers. There will be a free PlayStation entertainment content download made available. I will depend on your location what content will be made available.

The big news is Sony is planning on restoring some services this week. The bad news is Sony thinks it will be up to a month before PlayStation Network is whole again. And still the question still hasn’t been answered…When will the PlayStation Network be back up?