Quake 5 Coming After Rage?

In an interview with Shacknews, Rage producer Jason Kim hinted that after Rage is finally completed, id Software, now owned by Bethesda, may turn its eyes towards the company’s core IPs: Quake and Wolfenstein.

In the interview, Kim stated:

“We have Quake; we have Wolfenstein. If people want that, we have the IPs to deliver it. And we have a different approach now; we’re forging a new path. I think we can freshen those things up…we don’t have anything in the works right now but I think when we start talking about different things we can do with the other properties that we have I hope people are receptive to what we want to do and what we think would be fun for players to experience coming out of id Software.”

Rage will be released in September, a month after QuakeCon, which is where id Software would announce their new project. How would a brand-new Quake 5 sound?

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