The TSU Sex Tape Seems To Be The Real Thing

Texas Southern University seems embroiled in on of the biggest scandals in TSU history. It seems a bunch of students taped a gang bang in a TSU dorm. The tape made it’s way around Twitter and YouTube before getting yanked by both sites.

The Houston Press reports the tape shows three men having sex with an unidentified woman, in a TSU campus dorm room. The troubling part of the story is reportedly the girl looks very young. Some think she may be a minor. For that reason we here at TMRzoo have not even tried to find the tape.

TSU officials state that if any students are proved to be on the sex tape, they will be expelled. Texas police have already made some arrests in connection to the tape.

When the FAMU sextape story broke around the same time last year we were happy to provide you with a link to download the video file. We even provided hi-res screen caps for those of you still on dialup. This time around we need for the air to clear on the age of this girl before any TSU pictures or TSU video is posted to be downloaded.

If the girl does turn out to be 18 rest assure TMRZoo will deliver the goods. We swill post pics, photos the whole video if we can. Until then enjoy our nip slips, nude celebrities and sex tapes of the rich and famous.