Barbara Lee George Protected By Love

Barbara Lee George’s Protected by Love is a gorgeous collection of ten songs with sterling production by bassist Even Steven Levee (long-time member of Moogy Klingman’s Freak Parade). “Unexpected Clarity” has a modern pop elegance, something Sade’ might have wanted to bring into the new millennium in a parallel universe. Track 9 has got to be my favorite – . “Call Me (All You’ve Got To Do Is Call Me)” evoking the theme of Chris Montez’s classic of the same name as well as the Beatles “Anytime At All” – it’s a terrific hook that has real staying power.

With guitarist Al Orlo, a bevy of drummers and percussionists including Andy Bigan (drums), Steve Wolf (drums), Phoenix Rivera (drums), Gerardo Velez (percussion), Miguel Valez (percussion) along with Steve Nichol (Piano) and a host of others a song like “The Truth Behind His Eyes” shimmers with a quasi-Latin groove…but not quite. “Foolish Man” and “Live & Learn” are smart adult contemporary with jazz leanings and superb vocals from Lee George. She has lots of power in the soulful stirrings taking a composition like “Straight From The Heart” into a subtle territory that Pat Benatar could think about exploring. “My Heart Requires You” and other titles with soothing violins and cello give the album an old-world depth, opening track “Laughing” is not the Guess Who tour-de-force, more of a lilting Kenny Rankin-styled pensive piece. What’s missing from the CD Baby site, though, is the overwhelming “Too Young To Die” featuring a lovely gospel chorus a la Edwin Hawkin singers on “Lay Down” (Candles In The Rain) by Melanie or their own “Oh Happy Day”.

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