Sony Has Been Hacked Again This Is Not a Repeat From Last Week

Sony Corporation (ADR) (Public, NYSE:SNE) is continuing to have security issues. It seems the media giant is now a preferred target and destination for hackers. As Sony tries to regain consumer confidence from it’s month long PlayStation Network  meltdown, they were hacked again this morning for consumer data.

The Sophos blog stated

In what seems to be a never ending nightmare it appears that the website of Sony BMG in Greece has been hacked and information dumped. An anonymous poster has uploaded a user database to, including the usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered on

There has been no comment from Sony yet but there is no way they can save face this time around. Last week the Japanese government did not allowed PlayStation Network or PSN Store to be activated for Japanese gamers yet due to security concerns, and an expert is advised Australia to follow suit.
The Japanese government’s concerns with Sony seem to be warranted.

It doesn’t appear that Sony can hold all of the pieces of it’s vast digital empire together. Sophos commented that the attack was not that sophisticated. Security blogger Chester Wisniewski of Sophos commented

It appears someone used an automated SQL injection tool to find this flaw. It’s not something that requires a particularly skillful attacker, but simply the diligence to comb through Sony website after website until a security flaw is found.