MLB Double Play Contest: Michael Pineda and Mariners’ Pitchers Lock the Opposition Down

We’ve been lax in reporting the TMR Zoo Double Play contest results lately, but don’t worry, no one has hit the right combo yet. We have had a few “almost, but not quite”s though.

There was no chance we would miss out on posting last week’s score results though, since one of the teams in question put out a truly amazing week. The Seattle Mariners, led by first year phenom Michael Pineda, held opposing batters to only six runs for the entire week. Six games played, six total runs allowed. Pineda deserved credit for a good portion of the effort pitching 14 shutout innings in two winning outings. In fact, Pineda only allowed a total of 6 base runners combined in those two starts. I can’t think of a better way to prevent opposing batters from scoring.

Justin Vargas threw in a shutout himself as the Mariners didn’t allow more than two runners to score all last week. Seattle is currently the second-lowest run-allowing team in baseball behind only the Twins, so they might be a team to watch going forward in this contest.

On the run-scoring side of the Double Play, it was the Yankees that led all of baseball in runs scored in week 7. The Yanks posted 41 runs over 7 games, somewhat low compared to the numbers we saw last season. It is no secret that offense has been down this year, and this is more proof.

Most of the Yankees runs came in a two-game series with the Orioles, where they put up 13 runs during C.C. Sabathia’s start. Just when entrants started shying away from picking the Yankees, they start posting runs again. Go figure.

Since there was no winner for the week, we’re adding another prize to the pot. The new prize pack for winning the Double Play is now the Tron combo pack, The Woodstock Experience box set, which includes 10 discs featuring 5 different Woodstock artists and over 40 songs AND Whitney Cummings’ latest comedy DVD, Money Shot. It’s all yours if you can do what only the TMR staff could do over the past year…

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Entering the Double Play couldn’t be easier. Essentially, all you need to do is pick two Major League Baseball teams. Using the drop down boxes on the entry page, pick the professional team you think will score the most runs in the upcoming week, then pick the team that will give up the least amount of runs. After you’ve selected your teams, guess the actual number of runs for each category in the fields provided. Each week we will update you on the top scoring teams in the league as well as the teams that allow the least amount of runs.

To win the current prize, you must correctly identify the two teams. The scores you entered will be used to break any ties in the Double Play. See the prizing page for more details on what is up for grabs this week.

If nobody can guess the two teams correctly, then no one wins the prize and it rolls over into the following week… and combined with another prize. The longer we go without a weekly winner, the bigger the prize pack becomes.

Once you’ve entered the TMR Zoo Double Play, you are automatically entered into the Jagermeister Grand Slam. If you have correctly guessed the two teams AS WELL as the exact number of runs scored and allowed, you have hit the Jager Grand Slam and win the Jagermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler filled with Jager swag.

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Remember, you are entering your guess for the UPCOMING week of baseball (5/29/10 – 6/4/10). The entry period for this week will close on Saturday at 11:59pm. Good Luck!