The Hangover Part 2 Would Have the Perfect Ending With Mercy

With The Hangover Part 2 set to inspire copycat benders the world over this week, guests at a screening of the film in New York on Tuesday were treated to a dose of reason — complementary samples of Mercy, the new hangover-prevention beverage.

The drink, a custom blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins, replenishes key nutrients and jump-starts the body’s natural defenses, helping stave off dreaded hangover symptoms like headache and nausea.

Those who came to see the preview of The Hangover Part 2 learned that just one 8.4-ounce can of Mercy, consumed during a night out, will counter the effects of as many as five alcoholic beverages, neutralizing the dangerous by-product acetaldehyde and leaving one feeling fresh the next day.

Exactly the kind of protection that Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug could have used.

Mercy, which made its own debut this year, is available at select nightlife establishments and upscale hotels. It can also be purchased online at